Natsu rencontre igneel

natsu rencontre igneel

Igneel concludes by stating that he is with Natsu, and, with this, Natsu manages to burn off Zero's Magic and come back from the Land of Nil. Igneel soigna la fille puis je la mis dans mon lit pour qu'elle se repose. Igneel immediately orders Grandeeney to leave, while she warns him that if Natsu continues fighting as recklessly as he has, he may wind up dead. 29 Dragon Soul Technique ( Konry no Jutsu

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Igneel uses this ability to conceal his soul and Magic Power inside the body of his foster son Natsu, which preserves his life force as well as provides antibodies for the Dragon Slayer to prevent the process. Some time after this, in an effort to help his friend Zeref, Igneel decided to teach the latter's younger brother, Natsu Dragneel, his signature, lost, dragon Slayer Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Sting then brings up Weisslogia, which Igneel overhears, and tells them that Skiadrum, Metalicana and Grandeeney were all alive inside the Dragon Slayers through a secret art that they performed, and that they had two reasons for doing so, one of which was to prevent. Effectivement, la nuit commençait à tomber. " 11 (To himself about the Dragon Slayers ) "Can humans exceed Dragons or is it just an empty dream." 38 (To Natsu Dragneel ) "Speak of your future and it shall become your will to live." 39 (To Natsu Dragneel ) "I've been watching.

natsu rencontre igneel

He then tells a worried Natsu not to come to his location and explains that Acnologia was stronger than he anticipated. Ils avancèrent vers le dragon aux écailles rouges et s'arrêtèrent juste devant lui. Lucy (souri) : Oui. Dragon Soul Technique for several reasons: one was to prevent Natsu from turning into a Dragon like Acnologia by creating antibodies to prevent the Dragonification process; and the other was to allow Igneel's wounded soul time to heal by absorbing. Je me promène tranquillement vu qu'aujourd'hui j'ai pas entrainement avec Igneel. In the sky, Acnologia questions Igneel's motive for staying hidden, but Igneel merely tells Acnologia to leave the humans alone.N.D. Is not going to be revived, however Acnologia takes insult to this and replies that he fears nothing, to which Igneel replies that he won't let the other Dragon Slayers become like him and readies to clash again. 15 As the battle rages on, Igneel is seen striking Acnologia with his claws set aflame (Iron Fist while at the same time, his son hits his opponent with a similar technique, Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, but Igneel fails to injure the Black Dragon. Despite leaving Natsu, Igneel, however, is shown to be incredibly protective of Natsu, and watches him from afar. Natsu : Il faut que tu retournes chez toi, tes parents vont s'inquiéter.

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  • Igneel s lower body, specifically.
  • Igneel took in (Y/N thus learning the same type of magic.
  • The two kids were the best of friends.

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natsu rencontre igneel

Contrary to his quite often portrayed loving personality, Igneel can also be rash, angry and violent when he feels the situation calls for. Suddenly, he hears Igneel's voice, saying that Natsu should not be defeated by the likes of Zero. Igneel (se réveille) : Quoi? Le garçon avait passé la semaine près de la fille en espérant qu'elle se réveille. PDV Externe, une semaine passa et la jeune fille blonde n'était toujours pas réveillé. Igneel explains to him that he must not let his feelings get the better of him, saying he must not lose faith in his power.